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Tahoe Trail BarThe Tahoe Trail Bar is named after one of the most beautiful areas in the world, Lake Tahoe. Located on the California/Nevada border, this lake and its surrounding area offer the best outdoor recreation anywhere in the United States and perhaps, the world. You can hike, climb, backpack, swim, sail, wakeboard, ski, golf, or just lay on the beach.... anything your heart desires. Around for almost 10 years, the Tahoe Trail Bar was born out of necessity. What can we take into the wilderness with us that will provide lasting, great tasting fuel for any journey? Blended with the nourishing ingredients you need, we have one goal: Make the highest quality, best tasting energy bar on the planet. Try one today and we know you will agree.

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Over my many years spent in the mountains I have always needed an energy bar I can count on. I need it to supplement a meal if necessary providing fuel for hard days out. Most importantly, I need it to taste good. Recently a good friend and I undertook a 17 day trek on the Sierra High Route. We traveled nearly 200 miles through extremely rugged terrain. We relied on the Tahoe Trail Bar everyday to keep us fueled for the task at hand. We both were amazed at the amount of fuel just one energy bar could give us. Additionally, after 17 days we still loved the way they tasted. The bottom line is that they are the best trail bars on the market and you will never see me with any other brand of trail bar in my pack. -Rachid Dahnoun, Professional Adventure Photographer

Tahoe Trail Bars are the best tasting energy bar I've ever had. The simple ingredients provide good, fast, long-lasting energy, yet don't fill you up too much. Plus, they're bigger than other bars on the market! So, when you share with your friends on the chairlift or on the summit, there's plenty to go around. Like my avalanche beacon, first aid kits and spare tubes - Tahoe Trail Bars are another essential tool in all my backcountry packs. As an avid outdoor athlete for over 15 years, I've tried all the bars and goos on the market. But for my journeys, there's no better fuel than Tahoe Trail Bar. -Dan Keenan-

"The Tahoe Trail Bar provided me with long lasting energy and a great tasting food source that I looked forward to during each step of California's Sierra High Route. It never let me down!" -Sean Cronin-

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